Learning, Writing but also some Fun!

A few weeks already passed again only little to tell this time because the most time I was either busy with my Bachelor thesis or with learning for my exams. Nevertheless the last weeks were important because it showed that even in Glasgow they know something we call Spring.

I will not bore you with my Bachelor thesis for to long but that was one of my main tasks the last two weeks. But to give you a clue about what I’m doing, I was reading literature and trying to make sense of the amount of theories that are writing about the fertility decline that was part of the demographic transition. Next up after my exams will be using the data of Glasgow and Nijmegen, my own home university city, to compare the developments with each other.

However back to what most people here have to do: exams. And the beginning of the Spring Break I though I would have enough time to learn everything in detail. Except that it always seems as that you have more time than you really have, also new for me was that I did not had to learn everything for the exams. Almost all my exams are made out of 10 essay questions and you can choose two of them to answer. These ten questions cover the total learning material, only because you have to awnser only two this means you can choose subjects you like and learn them very well. In practice this meant that for my first exam I had today I only learned 3 subjects really well and 2 on average and my exam went really well.

A good help for me was the database of the library that stores all past exams. You can just look at the website of the library and than search for exam papers. On this way you can look at former questions, get a idea of how to look and practice them, just like I did. Especially just writing some ‘practice’ essay helped me a lot with my first exam today as I could almost copy everything of my already made essay because the questions of each year overlap most of the times. My hint would therefore be: look at exams of last year, choose some questions that you like and read some literature from the lists to answer the question. Actually I really like this system because you can focus on the things you find interesting and can learn more in depth about those things.

Even in these busy days there were also some fun things to do, mainly because we ourselves organised them. We had a lot of dinners, lunches and evenings out to the pub. However something we could really do for the first time was go and sit in the park together and have a picnic. As you already could have seen on the pictures the last weeks I was more out than inside. The weather was really nice with a lot of sun and around 20 degrees. I never thought Glasgow could be this sunny, so that was a real nice surprise. Also there was the first goodbye party. Emanuel was already going home because he did not had any exams. It was a bit sad because you get to know some people really well, and after this time you will not see them for a long time, maybe never again.

Also two of my friends came over and I had to show them Glasgow. I perfectioned my round as a real amateur guide so the first day we saw the university, Kelvingrove, the Cathedral, People Palace, George Square and one of my favourite pubs Oran Mor. The second day we went on a trip to the Conical Hill, what is a really nice walk for a afternoon. We took the train from Glasgow to Balloch and than the buss (309) from Balloch to Bamaha. You get a really nice view from this hill (something I would call a mountain) and with good weather you don’t even need real hiking boots. My friends loved it especially because on this way they could also see something of the real nature of Scotland. But if you are walking the West Highland Way, this is one of the first hills you have to climb. In the evening we went to the Dram (this actually means in Scottish a normal wiskey). In this lovely pub we listened to random people that just come there to play some real Celtic music, something my friends and myself really liked.

This was my life in Glasgow for now. Next time I will probably tell something about our Queensday, the Royal Wedding, my other exams and my last visitor. 😉

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