Forth and fifth week: Essays, Sport Centre and Social Events!

Two weeks have past and a lot of things have happened. So in this blog I will discuss, as promised, some more fun things to do in Glasgow except your study. Therefor I will discuss the Sport Centre, some day trips and the pubs/clubs you should visit. But before that I will discuss also an important thing, essays.

Just like back home over here I have to write some essays. Although there is one big difference, you get the literature you should use to write the essay. So you don’t have to look for literature for yourself. So this is more easy but it also gives you an set direction about how you have to write your essay. For the exams and seminar assignments this is the other way around because there you only have suggested reading. A little bit weird.

Sport Centre (Sport en Recreational Services)
One of the things I discovered the last weeks is the Sport Centre. It’s quite the same as in Nijmegen, only better if you ask me. A big plus (for me) is that they have a swimming pool next to the standard fitness area, sport halls and the outdoor sport fields. There are several drop-in courses were you can join in whenever you want. It’s also possible to do some team sports and sign up for a team in the sport you like. And you can even (as some international students that I know have done) make your own soccer team and play a competition. All of these things, and even more facilities that you can find on this website you can use for no more then 40 pounds a year. So it’s really a shame that I’m only here for five months.

Social Events
Every week there are several social events that take place every week. Something I will not discuss are the salsa and latin classes because these are not really my thing. And also the language coffee I will leave that out because I never went there. But here are some fun things I did over here.

– Having dinner with each other
Something I almost forgot but what is actually the most frequent and I think also one of the most important social activity is just having dinner with some people. It’s easy, cheaper and most of all fun to cook something with each other and then eat it together. So every week I’m cooking several times with some other people. And even if you don’t want to cook it’s easy to meet for a dinner at the Queen Margeret (a sort dining room) at the campus were you can get a meal for 3,5 pounds. Also grabbing some lunch or some tea is also nice once a while.

– Burns night
According to Wikipedia: “A Burns supper is a celebration of the life and poetry of the poet Robert Burns, author of many Scots poems. The suppers are normally held on or near the poet’s birthday, 25 January, sometimes also known as Robert Burns Day or Burns Night (Burns Nicht), although they may in principle be held at any time of the year.” And this is correct and celebrated all over here in Scotland. Also traditional is to eat haggis on this night because Burns has written a wonderful (Scottish so also non-understandable) about this dish. Traditionally there is also a bagpipe present and after the dinner there will be some more caleighs. I must confess the haggis we had on this night was even better then the one I had before.

– Movie Night
If you think going to the movies is to expensive you can certainly go to the movie nights of the International Society (even when the movies over here are normally only 4/5 pounds). Every week they play a different movie in the Boyd’ Orr Building (in an lecture theatre). Most of the time it aren’t the most known movies, because they try to select movies produced in all different countries. Therefore the last film we watched was a Dutch production, Black Book. Most of the time it’s just nice to go to a pub after the movie, but more about pubs later on.

– Celtic Connections
This is a festival organised here in Glasgow that’s great for all fans of real Scottish (Irish) music. Several nights are free of charge and I can only say that it was wonderful. We went two times. The first time it was an open play and just some people began playing and some old Scots joined in with singing, that was just fantastic. The second time there were several professionals on stage and this was also really nice, if you like the music that is.

– Pudding Night
The International Banter also organises a lot of things and one of them was the pudding night. Everyone that came had to bring a pudding (here that means sometime sweet, so it could also be a cake) or something to drink. It was a real success because there was so much that not even the half of it could be eaten. But it was a great opportunity to get to know some new people and desserts.

– British Games
Also organised by the International Banter this was a night were we could play some games. Most of them I already knew, but there were some different versions of games, just like monopoly the Glasgow edition. Ironically enough a Scot also won this game, even without a whole street as his property. The evening was nice and felt like the time back home with the family around the table, only then even more competitive. 😛

– St. Andrews Trip
The International Society organizes a lot of trips but I didn’t went to everyone because I didn’t care about the locations or I simply hadn’t the time for it. Normally they aren’t so expensive (50 pounds for a whole weekend, and 20 for a day). I went to St. Andrews known for the university and the ruins of a castle and a cathedral. We have seen it all, including the beach and the see. Luckily the weather was also fine and the views from the tower were just amazing. I would really recommend going here. Also on the way back I sat to two Chinese students and ever since I speak to them regularly. So making new acquaintances is very easy, when you just try.

Pubs / Clubs
Also part of the Social Activities but nevertheless a different categories are the pubs and clubs. One of the first things I asked to my flatmate was: Which evening is the best for going out, for students? He answer was, and I quote: “Every night!”. After more then one month now, I have to agree with him. If you want, you can party every night in the clubs. But I wouldn’t recommend it. In this blog I will keep a list with pubs and clubs that I will update when I’ve been there. In one of the first weeks we got a list of clubs were and when to go from a real Glaswegian girl so these clubs I will already mention. Also good to know is the difference between a pub and a club. In a pub you can just sit and get a drink and talk with your friends and a club is were also the dancing happens. Also notice that the normal standard is a pint. So if you order anything, you will get a pint of it.

QMU-Cheesy Pop-Friday
=on Sauchiehall St
Bamboo-good on Sunday
Garage*-not on Tuesday
Sub Club
Nice ‘n Sleazys*
Buff Club-Bath St
Hummingbird-Bath St
The Arches-good on Wed

So that is it for now (and I will keep updating this list), next time I will probably write something about the sightseeing in Glasgow, hiking in the Highlands and other things I encounter.


    • Theo on 20 februari 2011 at 14:37

    Eeej Tim,
    wat late reactie maar hoorde van de week pas van deze site/blog.
    FF drie kwartier bijgelezen.

    Wat een mooie reis maak je. Neem het er van maar zo te zien aan je foto’s gebeurt dat ook. Je bent altijd wel omringd door mooie meiden :P.

    Heb je Tacticus al uit? Lijkt me een dikke pil als het idd 13 boeken zijn.

    Doe je ook iets met je studie met betrekking tot de de clans achtergrond? Lijkt me ook bere interessant.

    Gisteren hadden we het er bij de verjaardag van jou pa en ma nog over dat zij nog EEN foto missen nl die van jou met een kilt. Dit past uiteraard in de sociale en culture geschiedenis van Schtoland dus die zal er toch wel zeker komen? Ja toch?

    Lijkt me een mooi thema voor een feestje.

    1. Die 13 boeken dat valt nog wel mee, een boek vroeger, handgeschreven was namelijk niet zo dik. Zo’n 300 blz. is het nu in normaal boek formaat. Maar ik heb Tacitus nog niet uit. 😛 We hebben ook wel deels te maken met de clans, maar dat is nog best ingewikkeld. Het komt wel steeds terug, aangezien veel Schotse identiteit aan die van de Highlands gekoppeld werd.
      Mij in een kilt weet ik nog niet haha, die dingen zijn stiekem nog best duur. 😛

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