Tim Riswick

Working Papers

  • T. Riswick & Y. Hsieh, ‘Between Rivalry and Support: The Impact of Sibling Composition on Infant and Child Mortality in Taiwan, 1906-1940’. [accepted with minor revisions at Demographic Research].
  • T. Riswick & X.C. Lin. ‘Causes of Child Adoption in Taiwan, 1906-1940: The Importance of Gender, Household Composition and Variation over Time and Place’. SocArXiv (2019). @ [accepted with minor revisions for a special issue on adoption of Annales de Démographie Historique (Annals of Historical Demography)]
  • T. Riswick, ‘The consequences of infant adoption on child mortality in Taiwan, 1906-1940: A closer investigation of the impact of household composition and regional context’. SocArXiv @ [under review at Asian Population Studies].