Tim Riswick

RICH Early Career Development Grant

In order to support our researchers in the early stages of their career, the Radboud Institute for Culture and History (RICH) offers assistant professors (UDs) who obtained their PhD less than 3 years ago the possibility to apply for short-term course releases in order to make time to develop a research line, write a grant proposal and/or build their CV in preparation for successful grant applications in the near future.

Tim Riswick has received this grant for the academic years 2022-2024 to play a more important role in the SHiP network. He will gradually take over some responsibilities in the network by extending the SHIP network into a SHIP+ network, and will write research articles and grant proposals on key research subjects the network could address. This will enhance his development as a junior assistant professor because it not only offers him the possibility to become a leading figure in the field by bundling even more expertise, techniques, and insights to create the first international comparable dataset of individual-level historical cause of death data, but also because it enables him to set up new comparative and interdisciplinary research projects investigating (historical) inequalities in health.