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PhD Defense

I successfully defended my PhD dissertation! It was a great experience. Thank you to everyone for your encouragements during my PhD. And of course a special thanks to my supervisors Theo Engelen and Hilde Bras, and all committee members.

Postdoctoral researcher ‘Lifting the burden of disease’

From today onwards I will be working as a postdoctoral researcher in the project ‘Lifting the burden of disease. The modernisation of health in the Netherlands: Amsterdam 1854-1940‘. In this project we use unique data to contextualise death and disease at the individual level and to move beyond high aggregations and limited disease classifications set

Opening Exhibition Archeology at Museum de Kantfabriek

On Friday 20 December 2019 the new exposition archeology was officially opened at Museum de Kantfabriek. I had the honor to explain to the audience how the project came about, and Xavier van Dijk explained what one can see. This new exposition displays the profession of the blacksmith, and all archeological objects associated with it.

HLCS Conference Is Europe inclusive? Politics, discourses and practices

On Thursday 14 and Friday 15 November the HLCS Conference took place. I had the pleasure to be the main organizer of this conference, which was a great success and addressed many important questions. Click here for the programme. European identity is often closely associated with ideals of inclusion supposedly rooted in a long history

NWO-MOST Joint Seminar Life at the Extremes 2.0

From 28 until 31 October the NWO-MOST Joint Seminar ‘Life at the Extremes 2.0: A new research agenda for studying historical life courses in the Netherlands and Taiwan’ was organized. It was co-organized by myself. During this seminar new research directions in comparative population history were explored and an innovative and long-lasting research agenda was

Teaching at TamKang University

On Monday 21 October I taught a lecture and seminar for the class World History at TamKang University, Tamsui, Taiwan.

Education Programme Director N.W. Posthumus

From today onwards I am resposble for the educational programme of the N.W. Posthumus Institute (the research school for economic and social history of the Netherlands and Flanders).

ESHD Conference and Roger Schofield Award

During the European Society for Historical Demography Conference I saw many interesting sessions, had great conversations, and inspiring discussions about the future of historical demography and the Association for Young Historical Demographers. Moreover, I am very honored to have been awarded the Roger Schofield Award 2019 for the best paper presented by a young demographer!

Day for Young Historical Demographers

More than 40 young (historical) demographers participated by giving oral and poster presentations or by attending the workshops by Vlad Popovici and Petr Tureček on how to deal with historical demographic sources and databases. These teaching materials are already on- line so if you were not able to attend, you can still go through them