Tim Riswick

Month: April 2021

University Teaching Qualification

Today I obtained my BKO (University Teaching Qualification) based on a portfolio and interview reflection on my teaching experiences of the last years.

Presenting at Uniting Streams (NVTG)

Today I presented my dissertation at the PhD session of Uniting Streams, a working group for Global Health researchers within the Dutch Society for Tropical Medicine & International Health (NVTG). It was part of the scientific part of the annual meeting of the NVTG.

Presenting at the Economic History Society (Virtual) Annual Conference

Today I presented the paper by Angelique Janssens and myself as part of the SHiP-network ‘What was killing babies in Amsterdam? A study of infant mortality patterns using individual level cause-of-death data, 1856-1904’ at the Economic History Society (Virtual) Annual Conference. It was part of the session ASIA: INFANT MORTALITY IN PORT TOWNS, and all