Tim Riswick


Tim Riswick is Assistant Professor of Historical Demography at the Radboud Group for Historical Demography and Family History, Department of History, Arts History and Classics, Radboud University, Nijmegen. He is affiliated with the project ‘Lifting the burden of disease. The modernisation of health in the Netherlands: Amsterdam 1854-1940‘, the SHIP+ network, and COST Action Chair of ‘The Great Leap. Multidisciplinary approaches to health inequalities, 1800-2022’.

As a researcher he is specialized in comparative family history in East Asia and Western Europe, 1800-2000. His research focuses on how health inequalities arose in 19th and 20th century societies by studying themes such as epidemics, cause-specific mortality, and hospital patients.

As an educator, his teaching mainly revolves around themes within global family history, historical demography, historical life courses and life stories. Furthermore, he is also involved in interdisciplinary teaching modules, such as Health Care Humanities, and the application of AI in teaching.

Lastly, he tries to strengthen the field of historical demography through being a board member of the European Society of Historical Demography, being the Associate Editor of The History of the Family, and chairing the IUSSP Panel Epidemics and Contagious Diseases: The Legacy of the Past. Furthermore, he is the vice-president of the Work Council (OR) at Radboud University on behalf of AUB and a board member of Museum de Kantfabriek.

Research subjects
Cause-specific mortality
Example of the Amsterdamse cause-of-death register. Number: BSDA00013000005
Hospital History
Binnengasthuis 1898. Inventaris: http://archief.amsterdam/archief/10003/40033195
Taiwanese Historical Demography
The Island of Formosa as shown in Campbell (1896)
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