Tim Riswick


Tim Riswick is a Postdoctoral Researcher at the Radboud Group for Historical Demography and Family History, Department of History, Radboud University Nijmegen. He works in the project ‘Lifting the burden of disease. The modernisation of health in the Netherlands: Amsterdam 1854-1940‘. In addition, he is board member of Museum de Kantfabriek. On Friday 13 November 2020 he successfully defended his PhD dissertation ‘Between Rivalry and Support: The impact of sibling size and composition on Infant and Child Mortality in the Netherlands (1863-1910) and Taiwan (1906-1945)’.

His research interests include the impact of kin on mortality outcomes, inequality in cause-specific mortality risks, and historical comparative family research on East Asia and Western Europe in general. He always tries to promote and encourage young professionals, which is also the main reason for chairing the Association for Young Historical Demographers, being a board member of the European Society of Historical Demography, and being a member of the Work Council (OR) at Radboud University on behalf of PON-TRAP. Furthermore he is the Associate Editor of The History of the Family.

On this website you can find news about his academic work and publications.

Family Schobers around 1932 (personal collection)
Example of the Amsterdamse cause-of-death register. Number: BSDA00013000005
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